Ulla-Maija Mylly


LL.D. Ulla-Maija Mylly did her first LL.M. at University of Turku, Faculty of Law and the second at Kyushu University, Japan (International Trade and Business Law). She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Civil Law at the University of Turku. Her LL.D.- thesis discussed IP protection of computer program interfaces and interoperability. She analysed, among others, the extent to which TRIPS provisions allow exceptions for interoperability and compulsory licensing. Her previous research supports well the intended research on international IP agreements and non- flexibility they produce in the regulation of digital copyright, in particular.

Research focus in the project:

Ulla-Maija will do research particularly on the effects of IP treaties and selected EU instruments on user rights in digital copyright. The research analyses whether and how copyright concepts and principles (such as exhaustion, communication to the public related to linking, and private copying) could be interpreted in the digital environment in a manner that keeps the copyright system legitimate and simultaneously a motor of innovation in this environment. Another related area of her research relates to the new EU Directive on trade secrets. Under the new Directive, trade secrets are not treated as property (or intellectual property). On the other hand, many international IP treaties cover trade secrets. Moreover, trade secrets may benefit from human rights (property) protection, like (other) intellectual property rights. The research endeavours to analyse whether the conceptual distinction between trade secrets and other IP has any practical impact. The research will also analyse connecting concepts within trade secret and other IP and how these are applied. In more detail, the research will look for example fair access to information through reverse engineering practices and the role contracts have on this issue under the trade secret legislation.



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