Tuomas Mylly


Tuomas Mylly

LL.D., Professor Tuomas Mylly did his first LL.M. at University of Turku, Faculty of Law and the second at Stockholm University, Sweden (EU Law). He is currently a Professor of European Economic Law at the University of Turku. His LL.D.-thesis discussed informational power related to intellectual property (IP) and competition law from the perspective of European constitutionalism. He has published internationally in leading publications e.g. on fundamental rights and IP in Europe, constitutional effects of the EU’s IP treaties and constitutional challenges of the EU’s major patent reform. He has collaborated in workshops and book projects with e.g. Max Planck Institute in Munich, Oxford University, Queen Mary University of London and CEIPI institute (Strasbourg University). He is in charge (Principal Investigator) of the Constitutional Hedges of Intellectual Property project.


Research focus in the project:

Tuomas will address the ways in which IP and investment treaties and fundamental rights fence IP protection in Europe. He will focus on EU law effects and EU regulation of digital society. Research findings will be connected to and elaborated from the perspective of new constitutionalist discourses. His articles will ask: 1) whether the unitary patent system will be hedged against various threats to strong patent rights; 2) whether international IP and other relevant treaties produce selective and biased effects in Union law; 3) whether fundamental rights fail to control IP-produced power, but instead make IP rights stronger. Some of the articles will be co-authored with others. Tuomas will also write a research monograph on the core focus areas of the project.



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