Dhanay Cadillo Chandler

Dhanay Cadillo ChandlerBackground:

Ph.D, Dhanay María Cadillo Chandler did her LL.M at MonteÁvila University in Caracas-Venezuela, and a Master in Foreign Trade from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. She obtained her Ph.D in 2014 from Hanken School of Economics, Finland. Her doctoral thesis is a comparative analysis between Brazil, Chile and Venezuela’s patent and public health policies. In the thesis she discussed the importance of the human right to health in the development of public health policies addressed to provide access to medicines in these three countries. Mrs. Cadillo Chandler is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Law – University of Turku. She is also responsible for the courses on International Trade and IP, and European and International Trade at Hanken School of Economics. She has presented research papers at several international conferences, among them the WIPO Advanced Research Forum.

Research focus in the project:

Dhanay will assess the impact derived from the creation of a new pillar of IP law as it would be the adoption of a “Framework Convention on Pharmaceutical Innovation,” and subsequent need to create a side system of incentives to foster R&D and innovation in the field of neglected diseases. Thus, her research stems from the current challenges or incoherence between policies (TRIPS) and public health concerns (access) calling for a framework that takes into consideration the interplay between IPRs and Human Rights. Addressing the feasibility in using i.e. open innovation as a tool to moderate the cost of R&D, together with the system of exceptions and limitations within the international



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