Summary: An International Expert Workshop at the University of Oxford (UK) 25-26 June 2018

The project arranged an international expert workshop at the university of Oxford (UK) 25-26 June 2018. Contributions based on a selection of workshop presentations will lead to an edited collection, to be published by Oxford University Press under the title of The Constitutional Transformation of Global Intellectual Property Protection (forthcoming in early 2020).

















The participants of the workshop were:

Acquah, Daniel (Post-doctoral researcher, University of Turku)

Angelopoulos, Christina (Lecturer in IP law at the University of Cambridge) 

Cadillo Chandler, Dhanay (Post-doctoral researcher, University of Turku)

Dinwoodie, Graeme (Global Prof. of IP Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law)

Dreyfuss, Rochelle C. (Pauline Newman Professor of Law, New York University)

Fernandez de la Mora, Alvaro (Teaching Associate in Company Law, University of Sheffield)

Gangjee, Dev (Associate Professor of Intellectual Property, University of Oxford)

Geiger, Christophe (Professor of Law, CEIPI / University of Strasbourg)

Griffiths, Jonathan (Professor of IP Law, Queen Mary University of London)

Hudson, Emily (Senior Lecturer, King’s College London)

Husovec, Martin (Assistant Professor, Tilburg University)

Lee, Nari (Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Swedish School of Economics)

Macocinschi, Maria (Doctoral student, University of Turku)

Maunula, Gail (Doctoral student, University of Turku)

Melart, Samuli (Doctoral student, University of Turku)

Mylly, Tuomas (Professor of commercial law, University of Turku)

Mylly, Ulla-Maija (Postdoctoral Researcher, Turku Institute of Advanced Studies)

Peukert, Alexander (Professor of civil law and commercial law, Goethe University)

Plomer, Aurora (Professor of Intellectual Property and Human Rights, Bristol University)

Reynolds, Graham (Assistant Prof. Peter A. Allard Sch. of Law, The Univ. of Brit. Columbia)

Ruse-Khan, Henning Grosse (Reader in Int. and Eur. IP Law, Univ. of Cambridge)

Senftleben, Martin (Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Seuba, Xavier (Senior Lecturer and Researcher, CEIPI / Strasbourg University)

Sganga, Caterina (Associate Professor, Central European University)

Souza de Rocha, Allan (Professor of Civil and IP Law, Fed. Univ. of Rio de Janeiro)

Thampapillai, Dilan (Senior Lecturer, Australian National University)

Yu, Peter K. (Professor of Law, Texas A&M University School of Law)