Summary: Expert Workshop at University of Sussex

CONST-IP  team from Turku held the Expert Workshop at University of Sussex, Brighton (UK) together with its international collaborators. The participants discussed about their research topics within the theme of the CONST-IP project in order to develop the theme and establish future activities and collaboration.

(C) Maria Macocinschi

On the first day, the workshop was kicked off by Tuomas Mylly with an introduction to the project and its objectives. Presentation topics on the first day were:

-Constitutionalisation of European copyright law (Jonathan Griffiths)

-Judicial and legislative control of patent offices (Aurora Plomer)

-The (constitutional) obligations of IP owners under a right to property (Henning Grosse Ruse – Khan)

-Linking CSR to Intellectual Property Rights: innovation and biotechnology (Dhanay Cadillo Chandler)



(C) Maria Macochinschi

The topics for the second day of the workshop were:


-The right to say what we brand: protecting trade marks through the fundamental right to freedom of expression (Alvaro Fernandez de la Mora Hernandez)

-Re-conceptualizing Copyright as a Mechanism Through Which to Promote and Protect the Right of All Individuals and Groups to Artistic Freedom and Creativity (Graham J. Reynolds)

-Flexibilities/Possibilities in interpreting the WIPO Copyright Treaty (Ulla-Maija Mylly)

-Intellectual property and postcolonialism (Daniel Acquah)



On third day of the event was spent on social outing. The workshop participants visited British Airways i360 and Brighton Beach Pear.

The workshop was well received by its participants and described as intense and successful. During the workshop it was agreed that the event will take place again next year in May. The exact date and venue are yet to be decided. As the topics were predominantly on the intellectual property aspect at this time, next time the emphasis will be more on the constitutional aspects of the theme.