Summing-up the January 21st IP seminar with Prof. Rochelle Dreyfuss

CONST-IP organized an expert seminar on international intellectual property law with Prof. of Law Rochelle Dreyfuss in January 21st. The event went smoothly and was well received by its participants. The seminar consisted of three main topics, each followed by comments and discussions. The event was held at the Law Faculty of the University of Turku.

Prof.Tuomas Mylly launched the session by introducing the CONST-IP project. Prof. Dreyfuss followed by presenting her working paper discussing how the IP provisions of megaregional trade agreements can impact third party states. After lunch break, Senior Research Fellow Dhanay Chandler discussed about Access to Medicines and, among other issues, challenges it faces under the current patent system and policies. Final topic of the day was about digital exhaustion of rights in the EU by Senior Lecturer Ulla-Maija Mylly.

Starting from left: Daniël Jongsma, Rochelle Dreyfuss, Daniel Acquah, Dhanay Chandler. Photo by Tuomas Mylly